Save God's Precious Children

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Annual Cost of Child Sexual Abuse and Neglect
in the United States - $94,000,000,000
How YOU Can Help

The Foundation wishes to thank the following individuals for their unwavering support of the website:

Erich Bihlman, President • Bihlman Computer Services •
George Nardo • Luna Recording Studio • Prescott, AZ
Katherine McNaughton • reader • THE CHILDREN'S PRAYER TO THE HOLY FAMILY • Cottonwood, AZ.
Dan Vanderwort • singer • LET THE CHILDREN COME TO ME • Prescott, AZ.
Carol Townsend • arranger • LET THE CHILDREN COME TO ME • Prescott, AZ.
Gallagher & Kennedy, P.A., Attorneys at Law, Paul Madden, Special Counsel
Christopher Marchetti Photography

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