Save God's Precious Children

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Annual Cost of Child Sexual Abuse and Neglect
in the United States - $94,000,000,000
How YOU Can Help

Pope John Paul II responded to the story of theChildren's Prayerwith the following letter:

Actual photo of letter from Vatican

Pope John Paul II has sent two follow-up letters in which he voices his appreciation for the work being done for abused children and renews his apostolic blessing and invokes God’s abundant peace and love upon the family.

The identity of the victim will be revealed as soon as the criminal investigation is complete and the pedophiles have been charged with their heinous crimes.

In 2002, the tax-exempt KMH Save the Children Foundation was established to promote A CHILD'S PRAYER. Presently the foundation is involved in establishing a HOUSE OF HEALING in Prescott, AZ. where victims of child sexual, emotional, or physical abuse will receive psychological and spiritual counseling regardless of race or religion.

The following letter was one of seven letters sent to Pope John Paul II asking him to bless A CHILD’S PRAYER TO THE HOLY FAMILY. Please pray that the Pope will honor this urgent request.

Dear Holy Father:

The Holy Family promises to protect us, God’s precious children from evil men and women, if they are asked.

We, who know the pain of abuse, beseech you, Pope John Paul II, to bless the CHILDREN’S PRAYER TO THE HOLY FAMILY, so that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph can keep their promise.

The Holy Family requests that the prayer be made available to people throughout the world. The Foundation is doing this by following the way of St. Francis of Assisi, "Start by doing what’s necessary. Then do what‘s possible. Suddenly you’re doing the IMPOSSIBLE!"

We thank you for your love and protection,
God’s precious children

The following letter was recently sent to Pope Benedict XVI. The letter has been edited to protect the identity of the innocent victims until the investigation and indictment of the pedophiles is complete.

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI

Dear Holy Father,

I know that it is your desire, as it is the desire of the Holy Family and all God’s angels and saints to rid the Church of what you have referred to as “filth” and what St. Paul called “the unfaithful works of darkness.”

A month after our daughter died from the effects of the abuse for which she had suffered for 33 years, I awoke in the middle of the night with A CHILD’S PRRAYER TO THE HOLY FAMILY on my lips. I told several friends and family members about the prayer, but I had no idea what else I should do with the prayer. Then six years ago Father John Hampsch, a Claretian missionary priest, told me that the only way to bring down the pedophiles was through prayer. Immediately I had prayer cards made and distributed to the Maryknolls, Dominicans, the members of the Society of St. Paul and other religious orders.

I am asking for your imprimatur on A CHILD’S PRAYER TO THE HOLY FAMILY. The prayer will not only protect God’s precious children, but it will help to heal the wounds in the Church caused by the abuse scandal as well as to restore faith in the Church to those of other faiths.

As Father Richard McBrien, theology professor at Notre Dame University, said, “The sexual abuse scandal is the most serious crisis the church has faced since the Reformation.”

Our web-site,, explains how the foundation, KMH Save the Children Foundation, began and its goals which are to distribute ACHILD’S PRRAYER TO THE HOLY FAMILY world-wide and to establish the first HOUSE OF HEALING where children who have been sexually, physically, or emotionally abused will receive spiritual and psychological help.

The peace of the Lord be with you always and with all God’s precious children.

(Please pray that the Holy Father will grant the Foundation his imprimatur on A CHILD’S PRAYER TO THE HOLY FAMILY as the Holy Family has requested.)

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