Save God's Precious Children

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Annual Cost of Child Sexual Abuse and Neglect
in the United States - $94,000,000,000
How YOU Can Help

Dark, Troubled
Name a chapter of the
KMH Save the Children Foundation
in honor of the person who taught you
to nurture, love, and protect children.

All that is asked is that you spread the good news
that a child
who has been sexually, physically, or emotionally abused
can be helped.

Chapters established to date are:

The Clara Burns Chapter - Prescott, AZ.
The Alice Olson Chapter -White Bear Lake, MN.
The Viola Schneider Chapter - Willmar, MN.
The Florence Leilah Chapter - Cottonwood, AZ.
The Elsie David Chapter - Prescott, AZ.
The Sandy Lee Chapter - Orlando, FL.
The Viola Nickel Keller Chapter - Milwaukee, WI.
The Frank J. Holleran Chapter - Manhassset, NY

e-mail the name and location of your chapter to
or write to
KMH Save the Children Foundation
1998 Prescott Lakes Parkway
Apt. 133
Prescott, AZ 86301

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